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item number: 150204-58477 - BIRCH/BURNT OCHRE

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56 ratings
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is rated 4.41 of 5 *Every customer is invited to review products and size fit one week after purchase.
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ECCO Hydromax® is weather and perspiration resistant for use in all climates

Includes two laces to match outsole or upper for added versatility and style

Revolutionary shank construction gives the golfer added comfort and flexibility and a more stable swing platform to power through each shot

Contemporary leather type uppers encourage breathability and all-round comfort

Grip to rely on with E-DTS® Hybrid technology and phenomenal traction angles

Performance textile toe cup offers additional protection for the active wearer

  • Material: Outer material: Lexi/Armstrong
  • Removable insoles
  • Extra laces included
We recommend using only ECCO care products to clean, care for and protect this item!


Outer sole made with DIP Technology

Outer sole made with DIP Technology

We inject a resilient, shock absorbent material into a foot shaped mold. This lets us bond the sole directly to the upper without glue or stitching. The result is anatomical fit, integrated shock absorption, and extreme flexibility.


An ECCO-developed treatment used to make leather highly water repellant. This special process actually keeps the leather from hardening after repeated wetting and drying, keeping it strong and durable, yet soft and breathable. Ideally, leather should be treated with ECCO shoe care products after every wetting in order to retain its water-repellent features.

Men's Size Guide

What is the best way to find out my shoe size?


At ECCO we are committed to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. The best way to make sure that you order the right size is to measure your feet and then compare it with the size chart below to find the appropriate size. Please follow these 4 simple steps to accurately measure your feet:


Size_guide_step_1   Size_guide_step_2   Size_guide_step_3   Size_guide_step_4
To measure your feet from heel to toe, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler.   Place the paper on the floor against a wall. Put the foot on the piece of paper, with the heel against the wall.   Mark the longest part of the foot on the paper. Repeat for both feet since it is common to have different feet length.   Measure the distance and compare it with the size chart below. Use the measurement of your longest foot when choosing what size to order.


25,0 39 5.5/6
25,6 40 6.5/7
26,3 41 7.5
27,0 42 8/8.5
27,6 43 9
28,3 44 9.5/10
29,0 45 10.5/11
29,6 46 11.5
30,3 47 12/12.5
31,0 48 13
31,6 49 13.5/14
32,3 50 14.5



Don’t worry, we have a 28 day full return policy if the shoes you buy don’t fit. Read more >


What about the width?


ECCO's line of shoes utilizes a unique type of fit. Due to this our shoes are able to to fit a very wide variety of feet. ECCO's fit from heel to instep (not to the ball of the foot). We refer to this as the ECCO "Freedom Fit".

Conventional shoes fit across the width of your feet at the toes. This restricts the natural spreading of your toes under the pressure of walking. This "Freedom Fit" allows the toes to move freely as you walk.

Still concerned about the size?
Don’t worry, we have a 28 day full return policy if the shoes you buy don’t fit.  Read more »


What if the shoe does not fit?


If the shoes do not fit, the first consideration is whether or not the length is correct. After checking this, keep these guidelines in mind:

  1. If the heel slips whilst your laces are properly tied, add a second (generic) inlay sole under the inlay sole already in the shoe. This will raise the foot into the instep where the shoe is designed to fit. View all inlay soles »
  2. Another option is to increase the volume inside the shoe by using a thinner insole. Replacing a 5 mm. insole with a 3 mm insole will increase the volume in the shoe about half a shoe size. View all inlay soles »
  3. The ball of the foot should fit into the widest part of the shoe. If the shoe doesn't fit or break properly, you may need to go with a longer or shorter size.
  4. If the shoe is excessively tight in the frontal area, try going up a size. Due to the ECCO unique fit, a larger shoe will provide added toe room yet still fit snugly in the heel area avoiding slippage.
  5. Make sure you are lacing your shoes according to your foot type. Many shoes come "bar-laced" indicated by the horizontal lacing style. This may not be ideal for a wider foot so try re-lacing the shoe with the standard crossing manner. It is always a good idea to completely remove the laces when fitting a new shoe. Lace the shoe whilst on your foot. View all laces »


Still concerned about the size?
Don’t worry, we have a 28 day full return policy if the shoes you buy don’t fit.  Read more »


Still concerned about the size?

Don’t worry, we have a 28 day full return policy if the shoes you buy don’t fit. Read more »


I already have ECCO shoes, how can I examine that they really fit?


Examine the basic checkpoints to ensure a proper fit. Always consider the type of hosiery you will be wearing during use. This can alter fit and overall comfort. Once you have the shoes on both feet and stand up, check the following:

  1. Shoe length. The first area to inspect is the overall shoe length. The recommended toe room allows about a half inch (1 cm) of space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe (about a thumbnail). Toes should never touch in the end.
  2. Tightness of the shoes in the ball of the foot and instep area. Pinch a little area of the upper material. The upper should not be skin tight in most styles.
  3. Heel fit. The heel in an ECCO shoe is designed to fit snugly. This should not be confused with a tight fit. It is normal for our shoes to have ample room for your toes to wiggle. This is due to the roomy toe box (during normal wear). There should be no slipping while walking.
  4. Finally walk on a hard floor or firm surface. This will allow you to experience the ECCO fit and comfort features in our shoes. You should be able to walk smoothly and effortlessly without feeling unsteady or unbalanced.

A perfect fit is impossible to achieve in every scenario. There are millions of different types of foot shapes, widths, and sizes. In addition, feet tend to swell throughout the day and change over time. A shoe you bought five years ago might not fit your foot in the same way today. It is always a good idea to have your feet measured regularly.




We respect tradition. We love innovation

We believe form follows function, not convention. This drives us to keep making golf shoes that redefine what a golf shoe can be.

We make our shoes better because we make them ourselves. In an era of outsourcing, we are the only major shoe manufacturer that owns and manages the entire production process from start to finish, from cow to customer.

The uppers of your golf shoe must be soft, supple and breathable, therefore all the hides used in ECCO shoes are treated at our own tanneries and must meet our high standards.

Our golf shoes use a double-layer inlay sole that ingeniously absorbs heel force, reducing the impact felt by your knees, hip and back. The outsole and upper of each ECCO golf shoe are bonded via low-pressure injection of PU. This allows ECCO to modify shock absorption and creates a strong, watertight seal without the use of any glue.

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