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item number: 705062-59157 - BLACK/BLACK/BLACK-WHITE

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Your young one can embrace a sporty-stylish attitude in these sports inspired mid-cut trainers which fuse textile, leather and suede to perfection. Fashion meets function thanks to comfort technology including a breathable textile lining and direct-injected PU foam for cushioning.

Fashion-forward trainer in leather, suede and textile

On-trend mega lace-up design with innovative sock construction

Highly breathable textile lining keeps feet cosy and comfy

Direct-injected PU foam ensures flexibility and support

Fashionable design features contrasting colourways

Material: Cow Leather & Textile, Synthetic & Textile lining
We recommend using only ECCO care products to clean, care for and protect this item!

Parental guide

Kid's Size guide


At ECCO we are committed to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. The best way to make sure that you order the right size is to measure your child's feet and then compare it with the size chart below to find the appropriate size. Please follow these 4 simple steps to accurately measure your child's feet:


Size_guide_step_1   Size_guide_step_2   Size_guide_step_3   Size_guide_step_4
To measure your child's feet from heel to toe, all you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a ruler.   Place the paper on the floor against a wall. Put the foot on the piece of paper, with the heel against the wall.   Mark the longest part of the foot on the paper. Repeat for both feet since it is common to have different feet length.   Measure the distance and compare it with the size chart below. Use the measurement of the longest foot when choosing what size to order.




11,1 18 2/2.5
11,7 19 3
12,3 20 3.5/4
12,9 21 4.5
13,5 22 5.5
14,1 23 6
14,7 24 7
15,3 25 7.5
16,0 26 8.5
16,6 27 9/9.5
17,2 28 10
17,9 29 11
18,5 30 11.5
19,2 31 12.5
19,8 32 13





20,5 33 1
21,1 34 1.5/2
21,8 35 2.5/3
22,5 36 3.5
23,2 37 4/4.5
23,9 38 5/5.5
24,5 39 6
25,2 40 6.5/7



Don’t worry, we have a 28 day full return policy if the shoes you buy don’t fit. Read more >


The right fit


According to the ECCO fit, a shoe should feel snug in the instep and loose in the forefoot. To demonstrate this, grab your hand in front of the wrist, so your fingers feel tight/locked. Conversely, hold around the wrist and you’ll discover how free and easily the fingers can move, which is precisely how the foot should feel.

The rule of thumb is that there should be a total of 1,5 cm. from the tip of the toe to the end of the shoe. That extra space allows for 3 things:

  • About 0,5 cm. allows for ‘extension room’ when walking.
  • About 0,8 cm. allows the foot to grow.
  • About 0,25 cm. is taken up by the toe-box.


Check the shoe fitting by measuring the length of the foot on the insole allowing 1,5 cm. extra space. More or less space and the shoe is either too big or too small.






Choosing lightweight materials is of high priority in: lining, foam materials and the outsole. Reducing weight means gaining comfort for the feet.



The ECCO outsoles are made of hardwearing PU or rubber, strong and very durable, with flexibility and a natural grip. Heel and toecaps are strenghtened for durability.



The heel structure is based on ECCO’s Dynamic Energy Concept, providing a shock-absorbing effect, which reduces the impact of running and jumping on heels, knees and back.



To help the foot develop as naturally as possible from heel to toe, ECCO outsoles are made of soft and flexible materials such as Freon-free PU and natural latex rubber. Extreme flexibilty – matching the feet.



Softness in every detail: the tanning of the leather, the ECCO Comfort Fibre System™ inlay sole, the midsole, the advanced shock-absorbing construction – combined with a flexible outsole. Comfortably soft from day one!



Extreme conditions call for extreme solutions. ECCO’s thermal lining is designed to keep the feet warm and dry.



ECCO is a world leader in manufacturing foowear guaranteed to keep the feet dry in all weather. ECCO exclusively uses a GORE-TEX® membrane that allows the feet to breathe while keeping them dry. Sweat and condensation are transported out through the membrane, without moisture coming in.


The Philosophy


It all starts with the foot

While other shoe companies are obsessed with shoes, our obsession is with the foot. How it works. How it responds. How it absorbs. How all fifty-two bones and fifty-six joints are capable of moving you. And how our shoes need to mould to the foot, not the other way round. Especially with children’s feet still growing and therefore sensitive to pressure and load, our last, our use of soft leather and our unique flexible and light soles are crucial to support a correct development of the child’s natural freedom of movement. A freedom that makes them fit for being kids … active, curious, exploring and inventive.

Children's feet have to last for their entire life

That is why it is important to allow the bones and muscles in the foot to develop free and unrestricted. It is easy to spot a jacket that’s too small, but it is unlikely to get any lasting damage from that. With shoes it’s  different. If it is too small or fits badly, the soft bones of the foot inside will tend to adopt the shape of the shoe, possibly leading to all sorts of problems in the future.

What we know about children's feet is all reflected in our shoes

And there are huge differences in the shape of an infant’s foot, a child’s foot and a junior’s foot, how they grow, how they change, differences that need to be reflected in our shoe construction.


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ECCO is a Global family of Shoemakers

True passion is essential to making great shoes. From drawing the first sketches to presenting our finished shoes in ECCO stores around the world, we apply the utmost attention to detail and quality.
Unique to our industry, we make leather at our own tanneries and produce shoes at our own factories.

Our global family of employees, representing over 50 nationalities, is the life force behind our products. Design, development, production, and retail – we take responsibility all the way.

Throughout our history, our philosophy has been to make shoes that are shaped to fit the foot, not the other way around. This is who we are.